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Your links provide further questions.

For one, a group of dead bodies was found still sitting around a table. Supposedly the force was so great it completely disintegrated the plane's wings on impact (the reason the hole was inconsistent with the plane's wingspan) ...and what was found of the plane otherwise, with few exceptions, were but tiny fragments. Yet that impact not only left some passengers found still strapped into their seats, but was not forceful enough to cause a group of unsecured (asphyxiated?) employees to even be knocked off their chairs. Such things haven't been adequately explained. Nor to my knowledge the conflicting testimony of the many (including police officers) who saw the plane approach from a significantly different direction than indicated in the official schematic. I agree with what you pointed out was stated in the video - about it serving no purpose to throw out baseless theories. But some theories do have legs. And, regardless, given the consequences of 911 and numerous anomalies, what purpose is served to not continue investigations?

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