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The hubris from some people

The hubris from some people on here like yourself is hilarious.
What is the best evidence that something else hit the Pentagon? Really what is the best stuff you have? Somebody's opinion of what a crash should look like or what path a plane can or can't take? So let's weigh that against:
Over a hundred witnesses that saw a plane hit the Pentagon, none that say it was a missile and 26 that specifically said it was an American Airlines plane.
Many plane parts from an AA plane that I have already posted links to.
Dna and items from passengers on AA flight 77 found in the wreckage

I mean are you saying that all the police, fireman, the whole clean up crew, all the investigators, they were ALL in on it. Even those witnesses that worked at the Pentagon and almost died and had some of their friends die, they are in on it too. The evidence isn't there, it doesn't make sense, and there are numerous places where that theory falls apart.