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Comment: The only's worked so far kinda.

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The only's worked so far kinda.

Yeah when we win it's because defence managed to place the case in terms of "did this person willingly and knowingly and IN BAD FAITH violate the law?"

And in several notable cases juries found that no, these people BELIEVED they were acting in good faith and with NO INTENT to violate the law.

Victories? Perhaps to the extent that the individual activist doesn't suffer prolonged privation and captivity but these do not challenge the law itself and result in no JUDICIAL PRECEDENT.

And neither will nullification. Understand the subtlety here: even if nullification becomes widespread:

1. the repugnant law remains on the books.

2. many trials, depending on that old "jurisdictional" hangup will never see jury but will be "procedural trials".

3. they still got the guns.

you can at least see that nullification is a PARTIAL SOLUTION. And yes, it really is a kickass partial solution but it remains so.

Parting note: our strength so far isn't ever THE SOLUTION, what we do it TRY ALL SOLUTIONS ALL THE TIME. And sometimes one works and we go with it and that's a lot of why and where we're successful.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.