Comment: More and more everyday.

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More and more everyday.

I had my doubts. For awhile I thought those OWS camps would lead people to their own destruction, but Americans are smart and using the tools they've been left with.

We have everything we need to win. TPTB only have a few weapons, and once overcome, it's just a matter of time. THEY NEED chaos and mobs, but Americans are standing their ground and staring right back them. All a destroyer can do is spread hate, fear, and division. They thrive on chaos and misery, but so far, there aren't enough takers.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Sometimes I think Obama is going to step up to the podium and declare himself 'God and ruler of the world' just to create chaos.

They're getting DESPERATE NOW. Like I said, Americans are smart, and he'd being doing it just so those who hate our country can justify destroying "it" rather than serving justice on those who wanted to use and destroy us in the first place.