Comment: Rand still believes he can 'reinvent

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Rand still believes he can 'reinvent

the wheel'! He is trying to draw the Christian conservatives behind him, but instead of selling the winning route, he is selling the failure no-escape route. Rand thinks his fathers approach was a failure, which is an extremely naive belief being raised by the 'Champion of the Constitution'. Ron Paul's beliefs were not the failure, it was his intellectual delivery far above the intellect of the average C- American public. He also must look at the actual majority voting electorate, 45+, who have been brainwashed into a divisive scheme of making social issues at the Federal level. What Rand should be doing is using his ability to speak down to the C- crowd, and evolving his father's too intellectual message.

Rand should come out with the pro-life message, which will actually bring a win to the social conservatives. He should state he is personally pro-life, but in order to solve the issue we must fight this battle on the state level, which will give the chance to make a much greater impact in solving the issue. He should state, that we will never get the votes in the Senate to pass such a bill, even if we were to gain the majority in the chamber. Rand should resurect his fathers Sanctity for Life bill, which would remove Federal courts away from the issue, and alow the states to make their own laws concerning abortion. He should explain how the pro-abortion crowd will have a much more difficult time fighting the issue in the state courts, without their overreaching liberal dominant Federal Courts to over rule the state laws. He should explain that we may not win in every state, but at least Christian pro-lifers will have the ability to emigrate to a true pro-life state, instead of living in a state that supports immoralities, making it hard to live to your conviction of your faith. I believe he can use a similar argument to sell the elimination of the DOE.

This is how you break the left vs right divisive paradigm, not 'playing the go along to get along' same old BS game, that traps you into the social conservative theory of continuous failure. Trying to 'reinvent the wheel' at this stage is foolish and will get him into a trap he will not be able to recover without being doomed to the flip-flopper status. Rand has the opening, but with his move towards the Zionist and the social conservatives he will become, if nominated, another failed GOP candidate. If he champions the Constitution, tells the reasons he doesn't support these repetative issues of failure, and continues to educate the sheeple C- crowd on the intent of the Founders which made us the greatest country on earth, he could win in a landslide. However, it appears he is playing on his ego, that he can 'reinvent the wheel', where we have seen an anti-American win 2 terms taking this fallacious route!