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Comment: Seems to me, Smudge Pot,

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Seems to me, Smudge Pot,

your article/rant appears to be based on the false premise that courts actually hear arguments and render justice. Not so. I've followed the "tax movement" for years. I even knew some of the principles who are now sitting in jail/prison. From the sidelines I watched as the movement got started and many were going directly to jail. Then after people began to figure the law/statutues/courts out there were more and more wins until nearly every case was being won. Then the not too unexpected thing occurred; all cases were all of a sudden being lost right out the chute. That's about the time the IRS came out with its infamous hit list of 40 top "tax freedom enemies". All the people I knew or knew of that were on that list were quickly put in jail or deaded. The System has a good thing (for them) - a massive juicy stream of easy pickings and they are not going to give it up just because of the law/statutes/courts. They will do, and have done, anything necessary to protect that fat hind teat. What to fix this? Maybe shutting down the FED and IRS. How to do that? I have no idea. As for myself I've stepped away from all that patiently waiting for the country to wake up.