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Comment: Allow me to respond to the parts I DON'T agree with.

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Allow me to respond to the parts I DON'T agree with.

First of all, hello if we haven't met before.

Next, RANT? I'm gonna take a guess and say you've never actually seen me rant before. I do occasionally rant and the style is somewhat different. This is my armchair dude with a pipe in a smoking jacket style.

Next, my article didn't elaborate upon but implied the fact that the courts simply throw out our arguments without consideration and the least of all things I meant to imply is that these courts are in any way, shape or form any reflection of anything you or I or anybody here can identify as "justice".

Not only that but if you thought that's what I am asserting I CONVICT YOU for not immediately gathering all true patriots to dispatch yourselves to this location forthwith, here to tar, feather and string me up before our whole community.

Does that suffice? And your snifter is empty. Never fear, I shall ring for help.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.