Comment: I think something hit the building

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I think something hit the building

I'm just not sure it was the actual jetliner. I'm open to being convinced either way. The lack of video evidence this far removed from the event still bothers me greatly. Same with the Sandy Hook shooting. I'm open to it all going down they way we were told but at least give me an example of why showing these video clips puts national security or more children in danger? I mean, we can watch the planes hit the twin towers day in and day out but we can't be shown at least one clip of the pentagon that clearly shows a plane hitting it when we know it is one of the most heavily recorded buildings on the planet?

If we use that premise that it threatens national security, then shouldn't the witnesses be jailed or killed by DHS since these people saw what they say the rest of us cannot see for security purposes?

I just don't get it.