Comment: You're asking people to speculate

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You're asking people to speculate

The evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the plane did not hit the Pentagon. That is the most important thing. Why the planners decided to do it this way we can only guess, but one of the most obvious hypotheses would be that the Pentagon is the DoD's headquarters and they didn't want to leave anything to chance. It'd be too risky to actually crash a plane into their own building, especially if they wanted it to hit low and level at the designated spot, which is at ground level and is protected by a hill to the west and many light poles and other obstacles.

That section of the Pentagon was under renovation for years (that is why only 125 died on the ground inside a building with over 20,000 people in it daily). This would have given them the perfect cover to plant explosives and some random pieces of debris. That way they could control the damage with much greater precision.

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