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Comment: Excellent post!

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Excellent post!

You raised some interesting points. The idea that a surgeon is likely to be lacking empathy is something I never considered, but it makes sense (though seemingly counter-intuitive).

Carson does not have any root in philosophical thinking when it comes to politics. That became clear when he supported gun control/confiscation.

The idea that he is proposing a "fair" tax reminds me of Herman Cain, who I say was a trial balloon for a VAT.

Anyway, great post.

Also, saw your post below regarding compromise.

Ayn Rand said, "Any compromise between food and poison, only poison wins."

It is fine to compromise when there is agreement in principle but a disagreement in detail. But any compromise in principle is a loss of principle, not a win.

If I want to reduce spending 100% and you say no, that's too drastic, you think we should cut it by 10%. We can compromise by cutting 20%. I'm not thrilled, but we are moving in the right direction.

But if you trick me into "cutting" 20% of the scheduled increase so that spending actually goes UP, then I have violated my principles (and in that case, fallen for your tricks).

This is what the liberty defenders must insist upon: No more compromise of principles!

And from what I can tell, Ben Carson seems to be just that.