Comment: "By your logic" "You have to

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"By your logic" "You have to

"By your logic"
"You have to look at all of the evidence, Mr. Bengal. Grab some Starbucks, though, because it's going to be a long month of class."

I think your condescending comment here is more than enough reason to be condescending in return.

"Lol, I didn't say that. You did."

If you are saying that all their testimonies about seeing the plane hit the Pentagon, seeing or finding the plane parts, or finding and identifying bodies from AA flt 77 are all lies, then that HAS to be the position you hold. To my knowledge April Gallop is the ONLY person present at the scene who even questions that it was the AA plane at all. If you have evidence otherwise let's see it, I asked for your best evidence that it was not AA flt 77. I don't have 6 consecutive hours no, but if you comment with anything of value (meaning not something I've already addressed or an insult) I will answer to it when I can.