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It comes up every few months or so in a cycle. I think there's a calendar somewhere that requires a random post to be made and some sort of contest winnings if you're the first to post it.

I'm in agreement. I see it as, "I think the government is evil, therefore if something evil happens, the most likely actor is our government." This is a much easier conclusion to swallow than that there is a whole lot of grey area out there and that our actions might actually have forced some ingenuitive people out in the Middle East to sacrifice their lives to take us down a notch.

I'm loving the eyewitness testimony that says the plane flew away being used to bolster the argument that there was no plane. Don't you wish there was ONE straight 9/11 missile/drone/plane flew away theory that could be refuted and that had actual evidenciary backing as opposed to free form conjecture?

Oh dreams.

Eric Hoffer