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You say: "First of all you're trying to use witnesses who specifically say they SAW A PLANE and tell you it's flight path, to try and prove it wasn't a plane, which makes no sense to me."

As anyone who has watched National Security Alert knows, there WAS a large plane on the scene. As you know, I am not arguing against that (in fact I am arguing FOR it), nor am I arguing that there was a drone or missile on the scene.

Here's what I actually said earlier in this thread, and what the video proves: "There was a large plane on the scene, but according to the witnesses it flew nowhere near where it HAD TO BE to hit the light poles and cause the directional damage to the building. It could not have and did not hit the building and was seen flying away by multiple eyewitnesses such as Officer Roosevelt Roberts Jr."

The interview with Roosevelt Roberts Jr. is featured in National Security Alert, as anyone who has watched it knows, as is other related evidence, so calling on me to "provide some evidence" is more deceptive doubt-casting by you.

Frequently Asked Question >> What about all of the eyewitnesses cited in various media reports as having seen the plane hit the Pentagon? Aren't there hundreds of them?