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Thank you for this comment.

Thank you for this comment. Because why would oil companies, the best positioned entities to know if peak oil is real or not, invest huge sums of money to extract shale oil if the oil supply of the earth is self replenishing?

That makes absolutely no sense. They would just continue the line about peak oil and then continue to extract oil as they always have.

Besides, no one in my education, or in the news media, ever told me about peak oil. I learned about peak oil through research in investing and gold, from folks much like the ones here on the DP.

Peak oil is not a commonly know thing, so it's not really a very good method for controlling the masses.

I'm not buying it. Even if the earth is making more oil, we could easily be using it up faster than it is being created. This is exactly the process occurring with fresh water aquifers, or is that a conspiracy as well?