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Not Accurate

The Federal Reserve was created and plotted by The Banksters meeting in secret on J.P. Morgan's exclusive resort at Jekyll Island.

Congress in 1913 did not ever plan or conceive of this, and was oblivious to the Jekyll Island meeting.

Sen. Nelson Aldrich, who was related to the Rockefellers, then acted on behalf on the Banksters and brought this bill, (then) unpopular, up before Congress when most of the members were not even present, and had already left for Christmas Vacation.

The bill passed by a "voice vote" only by a very small and tiny minority of Congress, led by the tactics of Rockefeller's plant Nelson Aldrich.

It would have never passed at that time had the full body of Congress been present.


Once again, you ignore the root cause of our problems. The Banksters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs, etc.) staged a Coup 'd Etat over the elected government. This unelected power operates outside the Law, and operates above the "government". They are the ones who are in control, and they are the masterminds.

To actually change anything, you would have to call these people out and actually put these people in Jail, or hang them for Treason.

Why are you not willing to do that?