Comment: Hey, it wasn't my argument

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Hey, it wasn't my argument

The argument given was: "that's why PILOTS of commercial aircraft put their reputations on the line on Pilots for 9/11 truth websites and articles..." with the implication being that pilots of commercial aircraft would obviously know better than we do, and that pilots in general believe this.

This is obviously false, and my bet would be a very small minority of pilots believe this. Now, I'm the first to say that numbers don't make a position right, but if you're going to try and make the argument that because they're pilots I should shut my mouth, then I'm going to have to pull in the other side, namely that other pilots (many more of them) disagree, and therefore to quit bringing it up.

The same is true of the "Architects for 9/11 Truth." Trying to bring them in as a trump card, when there are a great majority more Architects who disagree, makes the point moot. Obviously, you've misidentified the point being made, or purposely erected the straw man of "obviously numbers and agreement are what makes a position right!"

As for my running along, that's "you're" there genius, not "your."

Eric Hoffer