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Comment: MY FAVORITE PART of the newly commisioned study:

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MY FAVORITE PART of the newly commisioned study:

"Republicans believe they have a communication problem, not a message problem. While the Growth and Opportunity Project was never meant to be a policy document, there appears to be no movement in the direction of shifting principles in the near future. “I don’t think our platform is the issue,” Priebus said during a stop on his listening tour in Iowa earlier this month."

Yeah - right. The people WANT no choice in foreign policy from what the Democrats offer and just more of the same.

In other words take the same crap product that makes people sick to their stomachs and put it in a pretty new bottle and it will just fly off the shelves!

The people want the LIBERTY product. Only IT was selling. But the Republicans abruptly pulled it from the market the fact that it was spontaneously selling with NO advertising campaign. And the Republicans tried to get us to dring their crud.

Anybody here familiar with Robert Johnson, formerly of Apple, who came to try and save JCPenney by ending the sales and the deep discounts that shoppers had grown to know and love He said publicly that he was going to "educate shoppers" in the new way of shopping at JCPenney. But it seems that the shoppers decided to educate HIM by staying away in droves.

THATS what happens when shoppers have a choice. And the Republican Party ought to learn from this - it IS the message, and the voters will NOT be trained to accept it if they don't want it. (And they DON'T want it).