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Well, I was looking with eys for personal help

and found that that as you said, it is probably too late for my brother-in-law as the Gerson treatment taxes the kidneys and they must be functioning well to bear the toxicity of treatment. Since Joey's cancer is kidney cancer and he has already lost one and continues to have issues with the other, I find your words true.

So, I was looking for me. I found that Gerson does not recommend their treatment for genetic abnormalities so I am not sure if these words:

"Unfortunately, we have had little or no experience at the Gerson clinic with rare conditions or those of a genetic or congenital origin. These conditions present unique challenges and it is unlikely that there would be reversal or complete recovery from utilizing the Gerson"

apply to me or not since I have a genetic mutation that they think is a gene mutation in which a cancer fighting ability is missing.

I respect the Gerson page because it does not give false hope as in this treatment is for everyone and this treatment will heal you. To me that says it is on th up and up as they are not afraid to be honest. I cannot tell you the number people who tried to get me to buy into (financially) this or that program for healing...including the standard medical treatment that I chose lol.

It is interesting that one has to go to Mexico to get treatment. My Aunt died of cancer. She had to to go Mexico to get Laetril. She did a lot of juicing. She most likely was a carrier of the same gene mutation that I have. Both my mom and sister have the mutation. My mom has had cancer and is cancer free for over 10 years. She did standard treatment and the cancer was in the area lymph nodes. My sister is 16 year younger than me and has had several prophylactic surgeries in hopes to escape the cancer bullet.

Gerson does not have a preventative program from what I understand. I will keep the information in mind should my cancer return. I think return is basically a death sentence.

Thank you for sharing and for asking!