Comment: Yes, they might attempt this

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Yes, they might attempt this

Yes, they might attempt this if they can find a different message that has potential.

In my view, the people on top decide which narrative will be the most succesful. They then base their strategy around this narrative. Republicans then collude together to manipulate the public in order to believe the narrative.

The presidency is a high stakes games with enormous amounts of profit on the line. That's why they expend MILLIONS on these campaigns. With that much money at stake, there's no choice but to start the brainwashing right at the BEGINNING of a new cycle.

That doesn't mean that there is no competition between Republicans however. If a Republican shows that his narrative has a greater chance of succeeding (through crowd support), the leaders on top may decide to switch narratives halfway and expend the rest of their resources on that particular narrative. The effect on the people is the laboratory to weed out the best narrative and also to weed out inefficient politicians. In the former cycle, they decided Romney had the best chance and their strategy was build around Romney. But it could easily have been someone else, had a scandal around Romney appeared on the forefront. The other Republicans like Gingrich served as a backup plan for such an event.

Right now, it seems the Republican party has come to their senses and are putting all their resources in Rand. But this doesn't mean that other Republicans will take this lying down. They will try to convince the top leaders to go with their narrative. Afterall, if they get to be the president, more profit will fly their way. Rand's position has not been solidified yet as the nominee. Much can still happen.