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1. Of course I'd like to see

1. Of course I'd like to see a good clear video, but yes, the fact that ALL eyewitnesses saw a PLANE does contribute to my belief on the subject, yes it does. Do you have a video or witness that saw anything else? Didn't think so.
2. Again, yes multiple witnesses to body parts and plane debris does contribute to my belief. Do you have evidence of any of the multiple people at the scene saying there were no plane parts or body parts? Or any witnesses that saw the plane and body debris being "planted".
3. Yeah the planted debris thing is pretty silly isn't it.
4. Yes again witness testimony and results from dna testing do contribute to my belief.

I don't believe there were hundreds or thousands of people "planting" debris or giving "false testimony", and I don't see any evidence to support that claim. I definitely don't believe everyone that is a witness to any of this is in on it or lying and if it was something other than a plane there would be witnesses that would say that, but I don't see a single one.