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Comment: The Vid Streams are a Little Wonkey Sometimes :

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The Vid Streams are a Little Wonkey Sometimes :

To your question on sending notice, in a word, no.

Claiming Status is not a passive endeavour, nor a One Size Fits All. “Belligerent Claimant” is the term of Art. Also key is offering to “Return Benefits Received in Error”. If you've ever exercised a Franchise like Voting or Drivers License or Business License, you are presumed to know what you were doing. Just sending them back and withdrawing from the Polls isn't enough. Heck, most people don't know they are permanently registered as Voters in whatever District(s) they've ever registered in, without formally withdrawing “Consent”.

Fortunately there is claiming “Mistake” and offering to make them whole. Never got an accounting on what We needed to return. Never heard from the alphabet agencies again actually. Was looking forward to giving back their “Benefit of the Law”. They just never told me what it was I needed to return. Of course charging Breach of Trust and Conversion of Property to Another Use might have been too much for their Lawyers to handle.

Howard Griswold is the only individual I'm aware of working toward putting the Trust and responsibility for Trustees Fiduciary Duties in proper perspective.

Hope you find his work interesting.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info