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Comment: I don't think you know what

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I don't think you know what

I don't think you know what fungible means. Specie of different weights and purities are not fungible -- they aren't interchangeable, and running a system of non-fungible coins is not a good idea.

There is no "fungible enough", either it is, or it isn't.

For gold/silver to be monetized, it has to be first minted into an adequate system of coinage.

I am 100% behind the people of the daily paul getting together, and pushing for a system of gold and silver coinage -- I've commented to this exactly in the past, but it must be a sensible system. Since grams allow greater liquidity, I believe we should use a system based on grams.

Maybe we should have them privately minted... what about a 1 gram silver coin called the Ron, and a 1 gram gold coin called the Paul? Awesome. "Yes sir, that will be 7 Rons."