Comment: Their stats are loaded!

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Their stats are loaded!

Cenk is awful here :/

A suggestion for your son:

Every time anti-gun folk will bring out their statistics. They will say:
"More guns = more gun crime" Cenk does it here, Piers does it, they all do it!
"More guns = more gun related homicide"
"More guns = more gun related suicide"
"More guns = more gun related robbery"

You simply have to point out their statistics are loaded:
"A nation with no guns would in theory have no gun crime, but there would still be rape, murder, and burglary, BECAUSE it is not the GUN that makes society sick, and removing them is not the cure. I do not CARE whether a murder is committed with or without a gun, I care about how much crime occurs overall! And if you look at THOSE numbers, and not your slanted numbers, you will see the numbers are in my favor. More guns equals less crime, gun-related or not."