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Am I proud to be an American? Well, I am not ashamed to be an American. When I travel abroad I am not one of the Americans that tell people they are from Canada (which I don't think is wrong if that is what people want to do). I often read articles or hear people talking about how hated America is by the rest of the world. But what I think gets lost in the shuffle is that our government is hated, not us individually at least according to the people I talk to in my travels. That is just my vantage point from the experiences I have had in life. So, there is no need for me (personally) to feel ashamed about being an American.

That being said, I am still not sure ‘proud’ is the word though because the things in this life that I am proud of have little to do with where I was born. The world is made up of people. Individual people; not American people or European people. Not Asian people or African people. Just people. So it does not matter if I am American or not, again the things I am proud of in my life have little to do with being American or not.

A few comments below you state that we have the best people in the world…. How do you measure that?
Also… our history is interesting, but we have such a short history (which again… can be fun to study) but how does that qualify as the best history in the world when there is so little of it to begin with?