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Has a national debt of over 2 trillion USD according to the national debt clocks.

They have even higher rates of debt on the municipal/local level..a large chunk most likely due to corruption as Chinese bureaucrats flee abroad with millions.

They are not going anywhere fast. They have tons of their own problems. They will implode probably quicker than the US because many of their numbers are fudged and with internal strife and ecological nightmares. They simply cannot keep projecting to the world that double digit growth increases are unstoppable. Besides they cannot continue to feed decently their huge population and keep on exporting tons of fish and other foods with the price of these commodities rising. Notice how they are savaging Africa by killing Rhinos and Elephants like there was no tomorrow. Where is the outcry over this?

They will step in it when they gear up their military to start grabbing resources and jurisdictions around them.