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Thanks for the websites

and your ideas. This is great reading from the site you gave.
"Racism, Slavery, and Genocide before Darwin

Infanticide, rape, genocide, slavery, abortion, and "racism" have all been prevalent from the earliest of times. We even see these behaviors in animals, so we know that these behaviors predate even humanity. It is safe to say that these things have probably been practiced by virtually all human societies. There are records from the Egyptians, for example, ridiculing the Nubians as inferiors, some of the earliest records of racism. The Bible itself records the not only the idea of "a chosen people", but indeed records genocide, slavery, and infanticide at the "command of God".

You are right about Hitler. He never quotes Darwin, but
"Hitler made many references, in speeches and in writing, to nature’s elimination of the unfit as essential to progress." and used it to justify genocide.

We need to think through a better way of living in peace and cooperation on this planet.