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Why don't we make it right here.

No need to have any dictatorial decrees. Each one of us that is just SICK of fear needs to DOWNVOTE any post which is SPEWING it and also comment as to why... I AM SICK OF FEAR -> Go peddle that garbage elsewhere!

Yes there are some scary stories and some scary news... but when someone posts stuff WARNING people of BAD things that will happen if they decide to stand up... that's what really debilitates this movement the most IMHO.

We're divided, splintered and I myself admittedly am scared as hell. Just because I temporarily donned the "Domestic Terrorist" nickname does not mean I'm NOT afraid... it means I'm not going to let the fear paralyze me but I gotta tell ya... I'd be a lot more agile without it :)

Let's try and be more supportive of activism instead of working for the "government" by telling people they shouldn't do it.