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Comment: The crucial question is what

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The crucial question is what

The crucial question is what about the passengers? What have the families of the supposed "passengers" said? Have they confirmed that their loved ones remains were recovered at the site? Have they buried them? Have they even been interviewed at all? Did the people on the "passenger list" even exist at all?
It appears that no plane hit the Pentagon, and there's been lots of discussion about that. Obviously, the event was not as it was reported.

However, if there's been discussion about the fate of the "passengers", I've rarely or never seen it. Just some mentions of Barbara Olson, and how she supposedly called her husband from her cellphone. What happened to everyone else?


Rolls Royce engines on that plane weighed 6 tons each...steel and titanium...and they just evaporated? Yet, the official report identified the passengers by DNA and fingerprints. What type of fire was that? LOL

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