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Comment: One of Obama's role models acknowledged...

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One of Obama's role models acknowledged...

Lucifer. In the dedication of his book "Rules for Radicals", Saul Alinsky wrote: "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical...who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he won his own kingdom -- Lucifer."

It's hard to deny the existence of good and evil, i.e., duality. Some people try to deny this duality but I'm not one of them. Admittedly, the personification of evil in a being such as Lucifer is hard for most to comprehend, but even Buddha, who didn't believe in God, acknowledged the need to be still in the presence of demons.

I don't doubt that many entertainers, politicians, business leaders, etc., have knowingly decided to serve evil. Consider Apple's icon, it's an apple with one bite missing. What's the first thing that image brings to mind? For me, it's the Garden of Eden and I believe Steve Jobs struck a Faustian bargain when he chose to partner with China's godless Communist regime. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)