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Love it or leave it is such

Love it or leave it is such bullshit.

I was born here. My family is here, so I'll stay and try to change it, but not because I owe any allegiance to anyone who happened to have been born on the same landmass.

My ancestors came here for freedom. Members of my family fought for freedom, and I will fight for freedom, but I owe no allegiance to this government under which we live which is now controlled by thugs.

The founders of this country were enlightened, though seriously flawed oligarchs. I believe that some of them did the best they could, with good intentions. But reality is that we still live in a very seriously flawed society and just because there are worse paces to live that's no reason to thump our chests and imagine that we're exceptional.

We're not exceptional. We're just human, just like every other homosapien on the planet.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein