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Dr. Ben Carson has a message

Dr. Ben Carson has a message that fits the conservative base. I don't understand how you think he's a "socialist" He believes, according to his speech at CPAC that all should be held accountable. He does not believe in entitlements. Dr. Ron Paul believes in no taxation. Dr. Carson offers a compromise of 10% proportionality (similar to tithing) with no loop holes. I can live with that if that's the line drawn to get a budget.. He strikes me as a problem solver without the baggage of the 9-9-9 guy. He denounces big gov't at the federal level. He reveres the constitution and can deliver his message without rancour and uphold the system which he believes is meant to thwart easy succession of endless new laws. It would be interesting to know how Ron Paul feels about him. His credentials are genuine and his background is impeccable. From a pragmatic point of view. Obama as the first "black" president leaves a very sour taste with millions of American voters. This man MAY HAVE the capability to unite where Obama has failed...give black americans a genuine sense of achievement and esteem. Carson strikes me as a principled man of God, educated, intelligent, and willing, everything Obama is not. What more could you want?