Comment: Rand Introduced Life At Conception Act

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Rand Introduced Life At Conception Act

which means he can't win POTUS. I am pro-life in my mind, thinking abortion should be allowed in case of rape or doctor determines it willendanger a woman's life (ultimate decision always being the females', but definetly think term limits should be considered for the procedure. Rand will be branded as against pro-choice,which is basically political suicide for POTUS in today's mindset of the general populace.

Also, Hillary announced her reversal on gay marriage, so that basically confirms that she will run and win. I am certain that the GOP will be on the losing side of federal level politics for some time to come.

Democrats have tapped into, no limits, pro welfare-warfare state better than the GOP. And with the amnesty coming, immigration will work against the GOP.

If the GOP becomes basically the same as the Dems, then they will have better chance to win sooner.