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Comment: He believes a lie

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He believes a lie

The "we are at war" is a lie that has been perpetuated on the American people for the past decade.
Mr. Graham has swallowed that line "hook, line, and sinker" sad that he is in the Congress. I can only hope the people of South Carolina, yeah I know, the ones that booed the "golden rule" will wake up and kick this P.O.S. to the curb and give him his walking papers. But, that's a long-shot, given that S.C. is knee deep in entitlements and the military.
Sad to see this coming from S.C....where the shot that started the civil war began.
Mr. Graham just keep on keepin on with your B.S. logic, we need to follow what Dr. Paul was trying to tell people like Graham, McCain, and others. Sad, too many Americans who think they are free and free to think for themselves believes this Bullshit too.
That's what's wrong with the country.