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Comment: Well, let's look at the context.

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Well, let's look at the context.

It's easy to cut and paste items from antiquity to make a modern point.

Today, the vast majority of the world's population are debt slaves.Yes, you can change "owners", but more than likely you'll still be working for Leviathan's corporate -government-NGO complex. And to live what we call a "decent" lifestyle, you'll be up to your eyeballs is debt to that very same complex. Especially if you grew up belieiving what you were told, which is most of us.

At the time the Torah was written, the Israelites were struggling to be separate from the surrounding nations, where slavery was also rampant. In fact, it was just the economy of the world at that time (and referencing my previous paragraph, still is in a sophisticated way.)

I like how it gives women some status, not what we would like today. But consider the sex trafficking our Elite do. This verse would be a step up for those entrapped in white slavery today. Also consider how women were being treated by the surrounding pagan tribes, certainly not with this much consideration.

The New Testament verses reveal the reality of the economy in Roman times, where slavery was also rampant. As a Christian, you do more for promoting the cause of Christ by NOT slitting your master's throat. The verse out of Luke you cite is part of a parable about doing your duty. God expects more out of those who have been given much.
Application: If you are living in the 21st century, are literate, and have access to all the libraries of the ages (ie internet) you are going to be held accountable for that opportunity and what you decided to do or not do with it.

Had Darwin followed God's Word and not had incestuous relationships, his 10 children would have all lived to be be bright, intelligent children and there would be lots of Darwins out there today from his line.