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Six years ago

I probably would have agreed with you but after much research I learned a lot of stuff that was never taught in school and so the way I would answer your question today is I Love the Idea of the US and what it stood for, I love the PR and the concept, but the reality is different.

There is an old saying about "Pride comes before the Fall" so I am hesitant to use that word.

I don't think this country or corporation is any worse than any others around the globe because the same banksters run them all.

You know what I really like about this place? I really like the variety of people who reside here, the mix of cultures and colors. I think the US is the most interesting and intriguing place on earth, because of the people.

The landscape is immense and terrain breath taking.

My humble opinion is we are capable of much good and much mischief.

Unfortunately, those BEHIND the scenes have an AGENDA and it has been in place possibly from the founding of the country. So, when we hear that this country is generous we don't know what really is going down. It is very time consuming to get to the truth and it is very painful at times to admit.

I do love this place because I call it home. I do not condone the evil that has been done and is currently happening. I promise to pay attention and get as many facts as possible before having an opinion on issues and events that happen, (this is NOT easy).

So, it brings me back to the beginning and the promise of what this experiment called the United States was founded. I love the idea, I hope that I can help be a positive influence moving forward.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.