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I agree again

And I apologise if you are offended by my response, as if I am holier than thou.. I an NOT! I hope you can pardon me because that is not my point and it shames me to think that's how I came across to you. I'm sorry.

What difference does it make when someone becomes a republican? I have one regret since I came to the rEVOLution, that I did not join the GOP in 07. I only came into the GOP when RonPaul announced his 2012 bid for president, and only because I KNEW, there was NO way he would guit the GOP as I wish he had. Instead, I joined the GOP and found Ron Paul to be 100% RIGHT ON and I LOVE it.. this is after 33 years of activism as a Libertarians and then Indy.. I am very happy now, my only regret is that I did not join in 07, but, I'm now.. so forward we go. :D

What matters is personal, so I can not tell you, however, there are plenty of political tests that can help.. What we are doing in the GOP is stearing the GOP back to protecting the constitution and bill of rights, not we the people.. Rand is doing a fantastic job, I'm sure Ron Paul is proud.

Time tells all, for now, I can say, it's worth it. Thank you for the blessing and kind words, which I admire though you were offended by my post. I hope you can accept my apology.