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Comment: Give it Up

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Give it Up

People on DP don't care about horses. I have posted threads about the abuse of horses and the feedback I got was about how good horses tasted as well as cats, dogs, parrots, and anything else that breathed Oh, they didn't fail to mention that HUMANS were not on the menu like that made it all better. I lost a great deal of respect for people on DP thanks to that. How can people claim to be so enlightened and yet be so closed hearted? I don't know or care anymore. I guess it comes from being closed off from nature. Of course if you are an animal lover they make out like you are some radical PETA nut (which btw shows that they are as brainwashed about PETA as the mindless masses are about Ron Paul) so like I said, give it up on DP when it comes to animals. No one here has the sense to care!