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Comment: Did the people on the "passenger list" even exist at all?

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Did the people on the "passenger list" even exist at all?

Obviously, there were no real plane crash in Pentagon that day. The flight was simply invented and REPORTED. Same goes for the passengers of course.

No "passenger list" was ever released. We don't even have an official victims list. MSM created the list for us.

If you can control the news networks, you can create the reports you want. You probably need to enable some of your agents in the Government so that they don't mess up your operation.

So if you can control the news networks, have some agents in the Government at strategic locations, some scriptwriters, some actors and a animation crew and some money, you can create the REPORTS you need for your operation. Mostly legal also. Your operation could be regarded as free speech. Make sure that no one is killed in the operation so that you don't get involved in a conspiracy to murder.

The 911 operation management and its controlled opposition don't like that we talk so much or dispute this victim part of the story. Unless that part is perceived as real, we wouldn't have a War on Terror or all this other nonsense we have to go along with.