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First two questions

1) The #1 priority of the movement should be to empower individuals to forum on the issue/office they feel is the most important (I had a copy of A Treatise of the Laws of Sheriffs, Constables and Coroners in my hand at loan from the Oklahoma State Library, I seriously considered taking a fine to keep it, but I'd rather find a copy legitametly. If Sheriffs is your game, you need to get a copy of that book, it is hard to find, I haven't other than that one).

2) No. I'd rather work with my Sheriff as much as possible and network with Constitutional Deputies (our Sheriff typically comes from the Sheriffs Department). There is a network of Constitutional Sheriffs in Nor Cal/Oregon, so I"m near there. I'd rather get them all talking to each other before I work on a campaign. And it'd take a much bigger project to get me to relocate.

Maybe some sort of mission to Africa to help build the Congo out of absolute poverty. I'd go do that for a few years and live there. Aside from that, I got my home, the World is small enough to travel yet big enough to keep me busy until Mars start asking for farming volunteers.

Jack Wagner