Comment: Lots of news to share:

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Lots of news to share:

It appears Marine veteran Charlie Blackmore has set up a fund to help the victim, Kathy. Disclaimer: Do your own research, all I know about this is what I've found on the net.

"Please Help Kathy Heal !

On 3/12/13 Tuesday morning after getting off of work I intervened in a brutal beating of a woman on her way to her factory job. She was incapacitated and unable to defend against her attacker. I stopped the beating and the man was arrested and is being charged with a felony battery charge. The victim's name is Kathy and her battle isn't over yet. She has a shattered left orbital bone in her face and could possibly need reconstructive surgery to fix this. She will no doubt be stuck with the medical expenses unless you can help. Please help Kathy heal inside and out with your support we can do this. I am Charlie Blackmore Jr. a Marine Corps Disabled Veteran and I ask you to be one of the few and the proud. Thank you !

Anything you can donate will help

I am trying to raise at least $35,000 not only to help with the medical expenses but to send her on a vacation with her children to help forget about this horrible morning. Every cent raised will go to Kathy and her children. If we reach the goal I will try to have their time documented on video and shared on YouTube for you all to view what happiness you helped accomplish.

Kathy also takes the bus to work every morning even during the brutal Wisconsin winters. I know it's a stretch but to get her very own vehicle for transportation would just be the cherry on top. Please help in any way you can and if you want to contact me personally I have set up a separate email for anything concerning this incident. Thank you once again for your time. Contact me at for any questions.

This is a real event and here is the proof"

Charlie Blackmore appears to have commented directly on the HuffPo story 3 hours ago:

" charlieblackmorejr
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3 hours ago ( 6:37 PM)
Call a spade a spade, and quit with the what IF stories these are the facts...period. IF anyone was around or to stop my constant verbal commands would have informed them as to the situation. Someone holding another at gunpoint that wishes to do harm would NOT be telling them to stop and get down on the ground ! Use your heads and quit bickering. We have more important issues at hand like our rights at stake. Don't fall for the two party division that has tricked many of you "wise people" for so many years. I am simply a man that saved a woman from possibly getting killed by another man and for most of you that's all you need to know. As for the supporters which are by far the greater majority I thank you and ask that you donate to the victim at " Help Kathy Heal ! " is the campaign and all the information is on the site coordinator is myself and all proceeds go to Kathy and her children.
Semper FI"

For those with a HuffPo account, please reply to him with your support and Flag the abusive comments on the thread.