Comment: I Am Proud...

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I Am Proud...

...of the Constitutional Republic birthed by our founders. I am proud to be an Individual, proud of the idea and ideal that these united States once were.

I am not proud of the perversion that is our government. A government that has drastically strayed from their delegated limited powers, duties and authorities. A government that is a predatory, tyrannical, burgeoning totalitarian globalist-collectivist enemy of the Constitution that is meant to structure and limit it and of the individualism and individual natural rights that were enumerated and meant to be secured by them.

I am proud to be a man of individualist and liberty principle and ethic, because 'if' all else fails and God willing, I will be amongst those who will, with grim-resolve, do what is right and necessary to assist in restoring the Republic.

Yeah, I am proud, proud of what we were meant to be and what we will be, once again.