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It was 2001, and cameras weren't quite as good/everywhere

Say its an inside job, say it isn't.

Regardless, if it were faked, an airliner would be the WORST thing to fake. There's 150 fake identities you have to make up, and a million EMTs and firefighters witnessing it. If they are so brilliant they could pull THAT off, why wouldn't they just plant some explosives and say it was Al Qaeda?

If they HAD to use a plane, use a cargo plane with one guy in it.

They're either brilliant or stupid, and if guys looking at pictures on Google can figure it out, they're stupid. If they can pull off a huge stunt will thousands of people involved and no one involved is talking, they're brilliant. Brilliant people don't come up with hokey plans and then execute them perfectly.

I don't think there's any question as to whether a plane crashed into the building. The who and why are up for grabs.

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