Comment: This is garbage

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This is garbage

"Liberty Truth" movement?

Hey, if you want to talk 9/11 "truth," go to sites designed for it. We're way beyond the point of politely asking the hijackers (people who come into this movement to spread their other ideals and attempt to fuse them with Ron Paul, liberty, etc.). We had that polite discussion in 2007. We had it in 2008. We had it in 2010. And we had it in the recent election, even though it was clear that the folks who were still attempting to hijack were well aware of the consequences of their actions and the objections of most in the movement.

I no longer feel compelled to beg and plead that we stay focused. I view the "truthers" as bigger threats than our actual enemies. They inhibit the growth of our movement and refuse to prioritize their support for

So, yes. I WILL insult them, deride them, and publicly distance myself from them. I will make the "schism" very obvious so that people see that not everyone here is an Alex Jones lover or the like. I don't hate people for their other views, but I have zero respect for those who can't draw boundaries.