Comment: I believe this goes beyond abortion

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I believe this goes beyond abortion

I believe because of issues such as corporate involvement with stem cell research, and crimes committed by war that terminate the life of a fetus, and that the concept of legal genocide through age discrimination (by a global UN demand), or even the non-discrimination of the innocent lives terminated by WMD, drone strikes.. that fetus' are going un-uncounted, and Dr. Ron Paul OBGYN, who has seen first hand the destruction of pre-infant mortality, and accepting that precident is the course we are on (and how we lost our way from the constitution, none the less, precident is the operational reality for the UN), thus: It restricts the federal government to commit crimes against human life from conception. States can make their own laws, and counties in those states can make their own laws.. for example.. I live in a county that has no GMO food grown here. GMO growers and corporations are miffed.. but that's what we have here, organic crops, and GMO shipped in (free market token). So those concerned about the abortion issue, would rally for their states to continue to provide free abortions on demand, or whatever the democratic or corporate grip might demand.