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juneau, a few items for your review

Im glad you caugt the wikipedia irony, it was supposed to slightly lighten the tone. After all, I am not really a 60 year old pron star... we just share the same name. Also, I would like to quickly point out that (A) I never doubted that there are more vaccines recommended today as compared to the past (B) I have not painstakingly reviewed the relevant literature to this topic [but then neither I, nor my soon to be born child, are scheduled for any injections] and (C) I am very well educated; especially in logic and science . But thank you for your concern.

Apparently we were equally annoyed by each other's comments. I was willing to let it pass because I am sure we are generally in greater agreement than disagreement. I sincerely would like to know where you stand on a few assertions because I am hoping this has only been a misunderstanding. I am most willing to admit when I am wrong. Please skim through the following list an tell me with which items hyou disagree and why:

(1) vaccines are intended to be helpful. (2) The thousands of people involved in developing vaccines, and th emillions involved in advocating for them are generally well meaning (3)in general, vaccines have previously been fabulously successful in preventing illness and disease (4) The usefullness of vaccines has been studied using the scientific process (5) Scientific medical research is a complicated topic because of the difficulty associated with isolating variables for ethical and other reasons (6) the conventional wisdom, that which is overwhelmingly supported by medical professionals (MD stands for medical doctor -> not Mother Docter with an associates degree from UofPhoenix :{), is that vaccines can prevent illness and disease (7) For someone who is not a medical professional, it is all indicate that one is pretty far behind to be thought of as seriously looking at this issue (10) breakfast is the most important meal of the day (11) being skeptical is a good thing (12) Being skeptical involves evaluating claims scientifically (13) being skeptical means assuming the logical conclusion is not automatically that which is opposite of that which is generally or widely believed