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“Each day 1,786 African American children are aborted.” According to the U.S. Census of 2006, African Americans are at 1.96 birth rate which is beneath the replacement level of 2.1. [107] At the continued rate, racism by abortion will decimate the black population of the U.S.

According to writer George Grant, the author of Killing Angel:

“During the 1980s when Planned Parenthood shifted its focus from community-based clinics to school-based clinics, it again targeted inner-city minority neighborhoods…Of the more than 100 school-based clinics that have opened nationwide in the last decade [1980s], none has been at substantially all-white schools….None has been at suburban middle-class schools. All have been at black, minority or ethnic schools.” [108]

Planned Parenthood itself reported that its abortions on minorities in 1991 were 42.7% of its total abortions. [109]. However, during that time period, minorities comprised only 19.7% of the U.S. population.[109]

According to Cybercast News Service: “An analysis by the Cybercast News Service compared the location of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics with population data from the U.S. Census in 2000. The results appear to bolster the charge that the organization targets black communities. Forced abortion caused by China’s One-Child Policy leads to deaths of mothers[99], as well as “gendercide”.[100] Because men tend to be higher wage earners, many families choose to abort their female children, opting instead for males.[101] Photos in 2012 of these forced abortions led to national outrage and calls to end China’s One-Child Policy.[102] The sex-selective abortion policy has led to a huge gender disparity in China, 122.66 boys for every girl born, the highest ratio in the entire Asia Specific region[103], and resulted in 32 million single males.[104] Logically this is a driving force behind human trafficking, prostitution, and the female slave trade which occurs near China.