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Comment: This is another clear example

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This is another clear example

of Rands lack of knowledge of the Law that results in divisive political games that are not necessary when one understands real Law. Real Law answers the abortion issue and every other criminal and civil issue. Code and Statute cannot lawfully apply to the People. The Common Law applies to the People which means a valid cause of action by an accuser who is accepting liability for the accusation is the only lawful way a court action can be brought whether civil or criminal. This means that abortion is already covered under Common Law and the burden of proof and action exists in the accusers accusation demonstrating probable cause for the act of murder. Who is willing to be such an accuser and how are they possibly going to find even probable cause of the mens rea and corpus delicti.

I don't think most in this world realize that our own lack of clear comprehension of Law itself is exactly the source of government tyranny. If each of us ends own ignorance then we solve the problem. This is a terrible move for the Liberty movement, incredibly divisive and at the expense of an opportunity to actually enlighten the world to the diffferencr between Common Law of Man and Legal Code of the Person. This is a horrible failure in the wisdom of full liability Common Law vs limited liability personhood. In code interpretation aka legalise this means the baby becomes a debt slave at conception. Only the Legal person has legal protections. People seem to not realize that this legalise is thoroughly documented in history and it is all through the code but only used very carefully in the Constitution and is purposefully not in the DOI. People are so caught up in the political game that truth and wisdom are thrown to the gutter and the parade of ignorance marches on.

Our battle is against those who don't want to accept responsibility for their own actions and the Legal person is squarely at the center of this battle. The Legal person under our current tyranny is the debt slave. Under the Constitution it was the US Citizen or one under capacity of Government; meaning actively under and bound by the contractual capacity and prohibitions of the oath. Or a legal person could have been a chartered corporation or under some form of commercial contract. Now everyone's a legal person required to obey code and subject to no rights whatsoever. The Legal person only has priviledges granted to it by code. Legal protection at conception has to be the absolute worst move I could possibly think of from a wise and knowledgable leader of liberty. This is a move to herd the sheep back into the "understanding" that the legal protections (instead of protections of Law) are normal. This is a total fail, but I suspect that most do not have that unending thirst for deep knowledge and Law and History to really understand how and why the DOI and US Constitution ended up being what they are/were and this all connects with the issue of abortion and any other criminal or civil accusation.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...