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I never said

I didn't care about the forgiveness of others. I was only suggesting that the main concern for forgiveness should be yourself. Many people will not forgive you, but if you apologize and fully mean it I believe you must forgive yourself and learn from your mistake first. I didn't think about forgiveness in this way until we talked about it during Sunday school at a Baptist Church.

I never said no one matters either, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. :-)

I help anybody that asks me for it and has proven that they can keep my respect. You obviously have many preconceived notions about the "religion" of evolution. It is not anything like Christianity no matter how much you wish it were. It is a scientific theory that directs scientific research. Christianity is a religion that directs social mores. Two very different things. Just because the Bible touches on how the Earth and animals were created doesn't make it literally true. There were many different ways man has written as to how the Earth was created. Can they all be true? And how do you find out which one is?

I am an evolutionist and find Hitler reprehensible. What he was doing wasn't "survival of the fittest" it was evil. If you do not believe in survival of the fittest, you haven't watched Animal Planet. God created creatures to eat each other and reproduce. Is that evil? God created some pretty horrific ways for certain creatures to kill each other. What would they call someone who could create something like the preying mantis? Once you mate you must flee for your life or the female eats your face while you are alive. I would have made them kiss afterwards, but that is just me.

And I hate it when people bring up the crusades... you can read a recent comment I left concerning that topic on page 4 if you are bored.

-Matthew Good