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That's pretty much how

I see God. When I look into the endless sky, I see God.
When I feel anything, I feel God.

"Everything is not "God" - many things are man-made" does not fit with my definition of God. This is why I am a panentheist and you are a monotheist. I can agree to disagree on our definition.

To me, everything is really amazing. I have no idea how it all started, but that is the really exciting thing about life. You do not have to fear it because it is happening anyway. What would the point be? Why not explore and enjoy life while we are here. It just so happens that I am really into philosophy, politics, and science. These are the things I am interested in, and this is partly why I decided to get an account. Conversing and debating these topics is a favorite past time of mine. I grew up Christian, and when I was 16 I questioned everything. It was a major transformation in my life.

-Matthew Good