Comment: Keep spreading the nonsense, ecorob

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Keep spreading the nonsense, ecorob

1. Where did I ever defend the dominant 9/11 narrative? I didn't. I don't engage in liberty activism to debate what happened on that day. If you want to debate it, so be it. I'm not interested. I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying it's a losing issue. So enjoy being a loser, or smarten up and find a message that can resonate with voters.

2. If you want to show up at Ron Paul event or other liberty movement activism and spread "trutherism," you're a hijacker.

3. You can spread all the nonsense you want about how you think 90% of the people who frequent this site are "truthers." I not only dispute that, but can confidently assure you that it's irrelevant. Do you know why there's a greater proportion of "truthers" here than there are in the general population? Because people like you have annoyed and frustrated the regular folk who are just trying to live free and not blend their message with your hijacking agenda.

4. By the way, your cocksure manner of declaring that you "KNOW the truth" is one step away from delusion. You ought to just use a capital "T," walk around the streets in sandals spreading your dogma, and make your transformation complete.